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The challenge

Fitness is a very popular sport and keeps a lot of people healthy and in shape. The cardio sector is technologically quite far developed in terms of technological help and offers a lot of handy gadgets and apps (apple watch, fitbit etc.), this results in people not necessarily needing to hire a personal coach for assistance. This type of assisting technology, however, is unfortunately not yet broadly developed for the weight lifting sector.

The solution

That is where our inspiration for a private, digitalized personal coach comes from, as ''MotionGlove''. MotionGlove gives people a way to gain insight into the performances, such as the right excersise motion, as well as getting personalized advice as to which exercise to do with how much weight, for example. It will also be possible to create personalized workout plans, without hiring a personal coach. By using a Smart fitness Glove, your moves are recorded and analyzed through the app, which means personalized plans can be made for all kinds of different people with all kinds of different goals and needs.

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