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Mentalzorg - for mental health stability.
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1. Psychology Researcher. 2. Business Expert.

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Mentalzorg - for mental health stability.

The Challenge

When it comes to health, we tend to picture the physical aspects and often the mental aspects are overlooked. Mental illness is a serious condition and if not treated accordingly in time, it can lead to a series of serious ripple effects which can affect one mentally as well as physically, which can be life threatening.

The Solution

To develop an AI based Emotion Detection engine using the ECG and speech data of an individual, for detecting and diagnosing individuals with mental illness to different intensity levels of suffering. Based on these different levels, a personalised mental fitness routine is designed for every individual to improve and keep a track of their mental health. This technology can be used by psychiatrists as a screening test for their patients and also by the individuals who want to improve their mental stability.

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