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Solar panels: The end back to their birth
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Energy transition
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

1. Interest in solar energy. 2. Knowledge of material science and electrical. 3. Knowledge about logistics and allied management.

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Solar panels: The end back to their birth

The Challenge

Millions and millions of solar panels that are at their end of life should be reused or in some way recycled to prevent them from ending up in land fills that may increase pollution further. Currently businesses face unprofitably a high cost of recycling and there is a lack of logistics of old panels to these companies. Also, some panels that have reasonable efficiencies after 20 years are never reused.

The Solution

1. A business to buy back end of life solar panels from customers and use them to make photovoltaic integrated products. 2. Developing a supply chain from customer to this business.

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