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The Blue Whale Calming application
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The Blue Whale Calming application

The Challenge

People that suffer from anxiety attacks or stressful episodes currently have little to no tools that they can easily carry along to help them with their attacks. In addition, as the number of people that suffer from severe stress, due to work or other pressures, seem to be on the rise, it is likely that people who suffer from said attacks will rise to. This is a problem that would need to be addressed as a society as well. Currently, we have many psychologists that are attempting to solve this problem, however this is a major investment in manpower and resources.

The Solution

We will create an application that uses the sensor data of a smartwatch to detect whenever an attack is occurring, then using music and pulse we will assist the user with calming down from an attack. This way the user can be certain that they can calm down even when there are no people that can help them calm down around. Thus increasing the independence of the user. This also means that there will be less manpower required in order to assist people that suffer from these problems.

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