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High Tech Systems & Materials


The Challenge

Over the past year there has been a tremendous growth in bushfires and other natural disasters due to what experts believe to be an increase in climate change. My system aims to be able to detect and alert the necessary services so that casualties and damages during these catastrophic events can be kept at a minimum; if such losses end up even occurs.

The Solution

Synchronised wandering aerial robotic monitors (S.W.A.R.M) is a solution where hubs of drones, based on swarm robotic technology, installed in remote areas are set to patrol and monitor large regions. These drones while patrolling keep track of environmental data and if they sense that it is needed they can alert the corresponding authorities to the supposed problem, its state, and location. As to not need constant human input for charging, once they are done patrolling, they can return themselves to a renewable energy charging hub where they are able to charge (while not affecting the biome) until their next scheduled patrol.

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