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High Tech to Feed the World
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

i need persons who can speak dutch, know the market of craft and trend in the European countries. Moreover, I would like to find a partner who knows how to handle the import products (the rules and policies about international trading) because I will produce the products from Indonesia.

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melo cookie mono headphone by manucraft

The Challenge

The poverty, jobless family in the developing country who needs an extra support for living. The application of technology combined with the handmade product to preserve the forgotten cultural heritage. The sustainability issues in the developing country. The needs of the circular economy system in the developing country with the application in the design product project. The social impact within the project not only pure for business but also the source of fund to help each other (specifically for orphans).

The Solution

The baby care product which affordable price yet preserve the cultural heritage with the application of technology. Made by jobless mother in the developing country who needs extra money to support their family living. The product selling profit will be used to help orphans in Indonesia (the developing country). The product uses sustainable material, keep the waste low (close to zero), the end-use of the product will reuse and recycle for a new product (cradle to cradle). The product will use the cultural heritage of Indonesia handmade production process to preserve the local culture. This project is not only a product design solution but the whole circular economy principle application in international level. The concept of this project is re-(made,use,share,care) product for each other bounding with the story of cultural heritage.

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