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Blood Plasma Stabilization Instrument (BPSI) -> The New Name: CenBot
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Blood Plasma Stabilization Instrument (BPSI) -> The New Name: CenBot

The Challenge

The most common test method for screening genetic abnormalities of fetuses is a combination of blood serum and ultrasound tests. However, it is detrimental and leaves every seventh Down syndrome fetus undetected. NIPT is a harmless alternative for that but has limitations in reducing availability. Blood sample transport requires expensive tubes (14 EUR), needs transportation from the hospital to the laboratory in 72 hours, which makes the logistics costly. Also, the blood sample is sensitive to temperatures under 6°C, and biological sample shipping has many regulations depending on the country.

The Solution

Our solution is to stabilize blood plasma immediately after blood drawing on the spot. This excludes the need for costly tubes, loosen logistics requirements, and reduce parcel dimensions. We will develop a cost-efficient standalone device for blood sample stabilization, and a NIPT transportation kit to reduce per-patient international shipping cost from 45 to 10 EUR. They also eliminate the risk of blood sample quality drop due to shipping delays (over 48 hours) and freezing/heating in transit. Reduced NIPT transportation cost and environment-independent transportation kit ensure better NIPT service and availability globally.

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