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Chemics & Materials


The Challenge

The clothing industry is inherently patriarchal as women's clothing is made with aesthetics in mind but often not functionality. The two main reasons for this are: - The idea that a slimmer silhouette is more attractive for women and adding pockets to this would ruin it by making it bulkier and - So that clothing companies can sell more accessories like handbags. This does not cater in any way to the actual consumers who are women who need their clothing to make their lives more convenient instead of constantly holding them back.

The Solution

Kits with attachable pockets that come with a strong adhesive so you can put pockets on to any clothing you already own without the harder work of finding fabric, drawing patterns and sewing. There will be various options when it comes to types, sizes, and fabrics so that these can be added to more varieties of clothing. Also, there will be inseam pockets and pockets for the inside of your jackets/blazers so that the pocket itself does not have to add or change the aesthetics of the clothing, just enhance the functionality.

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