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Awaves - Artificial DJ
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Digital & Internet
High Tech to Feed the World
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

We are looking for: Interns / graduation proposals in the follow areas: Data science / computer science: -Research on high quality time stretching -Research on beat matching algorithms -How to analyse user data using advances algorithms. -How to build mixing agents for our DJ. Digital marketing: -Research on customer journey -Research on optimizing online conversion rate -Research on optimal social media strategy Furthermore we are looking for angel investors with strong ties to the music industry and passion for music innovation.

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Awaves - Artificial DJ

The Challenge

It is currently not possible to always have your favorite dj play at your own party. How cool would it be if that would always be the case? Besides that, the whole music industry is not yet data driven. Why is it still necessary for a DJ to ''read'' his audiance finetune his style to a general feeling of the crowd? At Awaves we envision a future where your musical preferences always get taken into account.

The Solution

We are building the next generation artificial dj, which can take the shape of your favorite dj, and allows him or her to play music at your party, any place and anytime you want. Besides that we use your data as input to optimally tailor the music to your taste. You can share and use our app with your friends whenevery you host a party. We will bring the DJ to your living room for 4 euro per month.