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Digital & Internet
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


The Challenge

"Pandorra" encourages people from every age group to start or rekindle their love of reading books. The service is priced such that almost everyone can sign up for it and start right away. Secondly, the social interaction aspect of the platform can act as an added incentive for a lot of people as they can get the chance to meet other people with similar interests.

The Solution

Create a service that sends their customer one book every month based on their preferences or and at the end of the month the customer recommends one book that they liked to other people using the service. Based on preferences and recommendations the reader gets to know who recommended the book and if they like it they have the option to get in contact with each other. This adds a bit of social interaction as you have the chance of connecting with people that have similar interests. This aspect of social interaction can lead to the formation of communities based on different likes and dislikes.

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