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Ho Loc

The Challenge

I found that recently, there are some rules in consuming some kinds of drinks and beverages. For example, many countries have the rule of prohibiting children from drinking alcohol, beer, they are just allowed to drink some alcohol free drink such as milk, fruit juice, etc. However, apart from alcohol content of beer, I think beer and milk contain some different nutrition that are both good for children. Based on that reason, I believe creating on new kind of beverage with its content including both beer and milk nutrition would be a solution for this problem.

The Solution

My idea is to create a new drink and beverage which is healthy and available for all ages. I am thinking of combining beer and milk and some dairy products into one drink, which can provide customer with more nutrition. I believe that by reducing some composition or amount of elements in milk and beer, we can create the new kind of beverage suitable for both children and adults

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