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Social Innovation
GOAL 4: Quality Education
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

VR/AR Designer, UX/UI designer, Application developer, or Full-stack app developer.

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The Challenge

First, a picture book for children is expensive. The price of some picture books can buy meals for people in a developing country. In addition, people in Thailand have to work 5 hours to buy a good picture book for children, while it is only 1 hour for people in the Netherlands. Second, the book industry lacks diversity. Do you ever read a story that tells about yourself or your community? A picture book can also monopolize children's perception of the world. Third, making a picture book can take a long process to reach all stakeholders such as kindergarten teachers, parents and children. Do you remember when the Covid just started? There were no learning materials that we could communicate or taught the kids about such an urgent social phenomenon. Finally, the picture book is not just for a bedtime story. It can be a powerful learning material that teachers can integrate into many learning activities for weeks. Moreover, it can be used to adjust children's behaviour or just to entertain. Therefore, there should a solution to these problems.

The Solution

DreamCooker is a full-service online materials application that aims to make everyone's a storyteller. Our platform provides the ecosystem that facilitates story templates and mixed reality activities, train novice writers and illustrators through interactive lessons as well as be a learning community of teachers and parents that people can exchange stories and worksheets with each other. As a result, children can get stories immediately that speak the same language as them. Teachers and parents can create their own stories and access large online story storage. And at the end, society can move forward stronger in this fast-changing world. Below, you can see team members, the output of DreamCooker as illustrations, Book cover, MR activities cover, worksheets. If you like our idea, visit our website, talk to us, and vote for us! www.dreamcooker.org

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