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Disaster Emergency Alert (DEA) app
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Disaster Emergency Alert (DEA) app

The Challenge

When disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, cyclones, heat waves, etc., strike a community, most people face challenges to find assistance, who to call, and how to describe or relay the nature of the disaster. Such requests for assistance take time to reach rescuers at the local or regional level. The rescuers struggle to identify the location of affected communities and individual victims. Rescuers have inadequate information on who to call for more information immediately. The rescues operation then takes time to manage and coordinate. The inconsistency in reporting the tragedies results in loss of life.

The Solution

An application named Disaster Emergency alert to be developed. The app should 1. Send adequate information to rescue operations within the shortest time 2. Uploaded on community people smart phones or simple phones 3. User to send information using allocated codes eg E for earthquake, name of the community, location even without data buddle or credit 4. Responsible rescue authority should be able to track the mobile phone, call back 5. App to find the shortest route based on information being received. 6. Alert nearest health centers. 7. Share that information with other rescuers, disaster management responsible authorities

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