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MISOBLOCK - All rise silently against misophonia!
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GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
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I am looking for people that know what misophonia is, and that can help me in programming this software.

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MISOBLOCK - All rise silently against misophonia!

The Challenge

Misophonia is a condition in which individuals experience intense anger and disgust when they are confronted with sounds made by other human beings. In particular, sounds like chewing, lip smacking or breathing may cause intense anger. My idea is to create a software that through AI can detect those sounds in recorded videos and eliminate those annoying sounds. Unfortunately, there is no cure for misophonia, and this would be a huge step forward as coping mechanism.

The Solution

My solution is a software that thanks to machine learning will be able to identify in video and eliminate in real-time all those annoying sounds that annoy people with misophonia

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