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GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
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- 3D modeling - Understanding of acoustics - Product design

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The Challenge

I encountered a problem recording at my at-home studio. I was pilling blankets around my closet, to create a vocal booth, that would allow me to record the true sound of my voice, minus the echoes bouncing off my walls. It was uncomfortable, hot and I had to be hunched. In the end, it wasn't much of an improvement. I remember being angry there wasn't a reasonable solution out there, as audio professionals around the world are facing this problem. Many do not have money for studio time, room space, or the knowledge/ ability to safely acoustically treat their rooms.

The Solution

My solution is BuildBooth. An affordable vocal booth, which is easily assemblable, dismantlable and can be turned into a travel-sized, airplane-friendly bag. This not only allows for a portable solution but a space solution, as BuildBooth can be taken down and put away when space is needed again. All of this, while being designed accomplish flat professional-sounding vocals. No more echo! No more studying room treatment! No more singing under covers! Record anywhere!

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