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Shared Autonomous Vehicle Product Service System
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High Tech Systems & Materials
Social Innovation
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
GOAL 13: Climate Action

Shared Autonomous Vehicle Product Service System

The Challenge

How can we make mobility more sustainable in all pillars of sustainability (social, environmental, economic)? By researching the components of todays mobility it was clear that the sector of the peoples mobility in urban settings struggles in the context of sustainability. High CO2 emissions, traffic congestion, decrease the quality of life in the urban areas. While public and private transportation provide different advantages to the end user, that are often met with many disadvantages. But what if there was a new sector of transportation that could offer the main advantages of both modes up to a certain extent? It would open new opportunities to improve on the general sustainability and open transportation to more people.

The Solution

The goal for this project is to provide accessibility to transportation to more people in a sustainable way. This Shared Autonomous Vehicle Product Service System (SAVPSS), is a new mode of transportation that positions it self in the gap between public and private transportations. It provides the advantages of both categories of transportation, such as on demand mobility from the private sector and cheap mobility of the public sector. The introduction of a new competitive mode of transportation has been proven through early research to have potential to improve on the environment and the mobility needs of the people.

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