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The Challenge

Musicians and composers nowadays often find themselves struggling with voice memos, note-taking apps or docs and other ways to put down their inspirations and ideas. A dynamic way of notating and developing lyrics and ideas before putting stuff in DAWs does not exist yet. Call it the Idea Space. Next to this, although there are many websites where people can find tabs and chord progressions with lyrics, there are no apps where people can make their own lyrics & chord notes.

The Solution

I want to empower musicians to create songs on the fly, using the principals of a basic note-taking app but with many extra features that make the life of a singer-songwriter easier. They can transcribe existing songs, adjust or transpose them with new variations and note down their own written lyrics and chord progressions super quickly. Next to this, they can dynamically add quick recordings of melodies, rhythms and more, so they don't forget.

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