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Social Innovation
High Tech to Feed the World
Built Environment
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
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We are looking for React Native developers with basic knowledge of AWS Amplify

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The Challenge

Inorganic products from the chain stores almost completely dominate our lives and kitchens. Small and medium-sized organic farmers fail to get the right audience so their market demand and income are limited to local markets or friends. Big stores provide unprofitable deals, space rental, and fuel costs put a heavy burden on individual farmers. As a result, we face the complete displacement of organic products and small farmers from the market. Due to the large chain of intermediaries, the direct relationship between the real farm and the buyer is completely lost. Mass production substitutes the guarantee of naturalness and eventually, the buyer faces a price rise despite the same average quality.

The Solution

FarmToHome is an online marketplace that connects local farmers with buyers and helps them to trade fresh products at the same time benefiting financially. Farmers create their own online store in the app and start selling in just 5 steps: 1. Upload photos and descriptions of the farm. 2. Put up the product for a sale. 3. Fill up the pick-up dates and quality test. 4. Receive the order. 5. Pack it and wait for a courier. If you are tired of food without any taste from the supermarkets - then buy fresh food from the farmers around you, it is very easy: 1. Choose any specific products or farms around you. 2. Take a look at the owner, farm, and product online. 3. Make an order 4. Pay for it. 5. Get the delivery to home. With the app, farmers can easily find buyers, control the real stock of current goods, and be no more connected to the local markets. Buyers will be confident in the quality of the product and its producer, they will get a wide range of farmers around and will save much time on purchase. FarmToHome app completely eliminates intermediaries between the farmer and the buyer. Farmers will get fair pay for their work and buyers will get natural products straight to the table.

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