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Modular Autonomous Platform
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Modular Autonomous Platform

The Challenge

The population of the Earth is growing rapidly. Nowadays there are not enough employees in hospitals, shopping centers and educational institutes who can do repetitive job such as answering questions or navigating to the desired location. This leads to large queues and dissatisfaction of citizens. Also, as people's needs are growing, so factories and plants need to create more items for society, raw materials are becoming heavier. New monotonous and boring tasks appear with which it is increasingly difficult for a person to cope.

The Solution

All these tasks are possible to complete with a Modular Autonomous Platform! This platform is designed for driving mainly in a building using a self-created map. It will autonomously navigate in the house due to the camera and a large number of sensors. It will be able to move in all directions from its place. The robot will be like a module, the robot's top will have some fastenings, so a person will be able to install various additional components. This project is definitely relevant as all similar platforms are old-fashioned or made from outdated parts.

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