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Morpheus Mask
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GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

Morpheus Mask

The Challenge

Do you recognize the feeling of waking up even more tired than you was the day before? What if you could actually use less sleeping time and still wake up refreshed, ready to get back at it? That is exactly what we will try to tackle with our Morpheus Mask. A good quality sleep boosts your productivity, mood, memory, immune system and it even strengthens your heart. Yet most people are not aware, what a good nights sleep actually entails. Every individual has their own sleeping patterns and needs and only by knowing your own, you will be able to get that much needed rest!

The Solution

Our plan to counter this issue is to design a sleep mask that measures your brain waves. With this, we can track a person's sleep patterns and optimize them using audio and visual cues. As to how someone wakes up also determines a big part of your daily performance, we want the mask to have a light wake-up method which is adapted to each person to optimize your energy for the day. Our product will ensure that you’ll fall asleep faster and will increase the amount of REM sleep you receive. Besides that, the light wake-up will increase your cognitive performance!

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