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Social Innovation
Digital & Internet
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


The Challenge

Traveling by itself is an experience. But, there are a lot of new innovations that can be pursued in this domain, if you know where the world's economies are going, you know we've come from an agrarian culture where food became a commodity, we've gone through the industrial age where things became commodities, we are at a place now where information is normalized and services are being treated as commodities, like a hotel room or a ride. Therefore we can see that in the future, there will be a fall in the value of services like travel and tourism, so we need to shift towards the experience economy because we know that experiences and transformation are the next economies that people value. Exploring a place is more than just traversing through it. We need to know the little-known facts, experience the food in the unlikeliest of places, and do similar things to fully experience the place. We do not have people we know in all these places. Typically in guided tours, there is a set script one follows, and most of the time, little things are not covered by them. Experiencing the place from the point of view of someone who lives and lived in the place is different from general tour guides who typically focus more on the history of the place. When you have a guided tour you need to go along with a person to follow their path and need to travel with a group of strangers and you tend to miss the personalized experiences. There is no freedom to spend time in particular locations like eating for a long time in a place or staying in a location for an indefinite period.

The Solution

Escapade - Find your own adventure anywhere We plan to build a platform with the tools required to make customized experiences for tours. These basically include puzzles, maps, augmented reality quests, and various other geolocation-based digital experiences that just require the use of a smartphone. These experiences will be built by users(content creators) for the users (consumers) i.e. the experiences can be built and shared with the community. We plan to utilize the digital experiences built by the creators to sell them to the consumers. This way, both the creators and the company get money as the revenue will be split between them. In the beginning, we will be focusing only on walking tours.

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