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• Coding/Artificial Intelligence background • Legal awareness/background • Technical plastic & paper chemistry

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The challenge

In 2015, 6% of 8.3 billion metric tons of produced plastic has been recycled. There is more production than recycling being done, negatively contributing to the climate and global sustainability. One of the main challenges of plastic recycling is attaining the cleanest form of the used plastic. Therefore, separation at the source is of importance to this.

The solution

A smart plastic bin that scans the different types of plastic (1-7) and sorts it based on its type. Solving the core "separation at source" issue recycling companies face who use expensive post-waste sorting machinery & conveyor belts. This smart bin collects data for improving the logistics of waste removal, and for companies to identify plastic waste trends in the bin's area, providing insights for informed (re)marketing decisions and for potentially targeting ads on the bins themselves. With collaboration from the government, the bins can be tailored to provide tax benefits to private citizens whom are responsible disposing of their plastic waste. This business idea has 3 potential customers: 1) Municipalities (improved waste management) 2) Companies (ad space & insights) 3) Recycling companies (reduced need for expensive sorting infrastructure and steady plastic influx)

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