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The challenge

For a country to develop rapidly, its economy needs to foster fast. Quality Education is one of the root causes for economical development. In the developing countries, quality education is still considered as a costly subject. Many top tech universities like MIT is already providing most of their courses for free as online education and they are planning to make it fully free in the near by future. But, a proper technical education can be done, if you can feel and experience the education on a practical basis and it is certainly hard for the remote students to get access to cheap labs.

The solution

Lets imagine an online platform where you can buy/rent the scaled down / mini versions of the engineering machines you want to study as part of your online technical education. This can help students to enhance the power of online education. we would like to do a partnership with online education platforms like edx, udemy etc, so that from these sites students gets direct link to our website for buying/renting the required scaled down models for the necessary course

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