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The challenge

People are becoming more aware of their consumption of food and drinks and start consuming healthier products. Though, having such a lifestyle costs time. On the other side, people are getting more busy in life, which leads to having less time or energy available for preparing healthy meals. For a lot of people it is hard to combine work and other activities with a healthy lifestyle.

The solution

With MyJuice, we offer a solution for these people. We offer an online service which makes it possible for consumer to compose their own juices or smoothies. The customized juices can then be delivered on a weekly basis (in terms of a subscription). Also, we want to create a community platform on which people can share their own recipes of the drinks with other people. This way, people can add the recipes on the platform to their own profile. By coöperating with dietists and other health institutions, we want to make it possible that the drinks can be adjusted to each customer and will help them with achieving personal goals as losing weight, obtaining more vitamines or just a healthier food pattern.

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