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The challenge

What is the liquid engine of people all around the world? A simple yet though provoking question. No office, study room or bar can go without some sort of coffee machine. While many would like to disagree when asked, the rise in your energy level provided by a cup of coffee is strangely addictive. No wonder why it has been so popular for centuries on end! However, what makes the world go round after 16:00? Everyone is done with coffee at some point of the day and swap to our favorite alcoholic beverage: beer. With the radical growth of interest in craft beer and local breweries, we have seen many homebrewed variations of arguably the world's most popular alcoholic drink. Beer for kids, beer made with kelp, beer that is very spicy and so on. Our lives get busier and more interconnected every year. So why don't we get some inspiration from our favorite drinks and create a new one?

The solution

That is where our idea offers solutions: PowerPils. The energy for your day provided through a delicious, cold beverage. A unique approach to saying that you do not need to choose between your favorite beverages. Forget having to take a powernap after work is done and having a long evening ahead of you. Try us instead.

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