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UT Challenge

UT Challenge 2020 will continue (online)!

Profielfoto We don’t have to tell you that the current situation in the world is affecting us all and is challenging us to make adjustments. But we also know that when you challenge young people, the best comes out of them. For that reason, we of course want to continue the UT Challenge, but with a few adjustments

Of course, you can keep in touch with the students continuously during the whole campaign via the dashboard (chats, matching, coaching/co-creation, profiling, etc.)


We’ve got workshops planned on the 24th (Entrepreneurial Strategy) and 31st (Pitching) of March. These will not continue in the current form at Incubase. We are looking at alternatives so everyone is able to participate and continue investing in themselves and the projects. Signup via your dashboard remains open! The workshop 'Entrepreneurial Strategy' on March 24th will take place online between 3.30 om and 4.30 pm 

Speed Dating event
The speed dating event will take place online, via a live stream and the chat function on your dashboard. Signup is open via your dashboard. Do not forget to select a maximum of 5 partners/companies you want to speed date with. You can select them in your profile.

Top 40 selection
Since the final event will be postponed until further notice , we would like to give you all more time to improve your project and fill in the questions in the business plan section. Also, you can incorporate the feedback you’ll receive during the speed dating event in your business plan. After the speed dating event, the top 40 will be announced. This is now scheduled for April 17th.

Finale event
The final event, planned on the 23rd of April, will be postponed until further notice. A new date will be announced a.s.a.p. and is depending on the developments in the couple of weeks/months. 

If you have any questions, tips or anything else you want to get into contact with us for? Please contact us via Whatsapp (+31 6 38 09 08 89) or email info@utchallenge.nl .