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UT Challenge

Join the Sprintdays

Besides building a business or a student team we have some interesting opportunities to offer you after the summer. Together with several partners of the UT Entrepreneurial Challenge we will be organising several Sprint Days. A Sprintday is hosted at the partners office or headquarters and will provide you with the opportunity to solve a challenge that the company is currently facing together with several other students. It is a great chance to show your skills and knowledge and put it into practice.

If you are interested to receive more information about the Sprintdays and have the possibility to get invited to them, please email jeroen.loos@UTChallenge.nl to inform the organization.

All students of the University of Twente are invited to join. 

The following Sprintdays are planned: 

 TenneT    TenneT is planned on the 19th of October   More info 
 Politie Nederland    Politie is planned on the 21st of October   More info 
 BREiNN    Breinn is planned on the 24th of October    More info
 VDL ETG   VDL ETG is planned on the 29th of November    More info 
Muon B.V.   Muon B.V. is planned on the 13th of december   More info