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TravlPackr - Map based tourism service
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TravlPackr - Map based tourism service

The Challenge

Let’s meet Bob, a travel enthusiastic who wants to see many different places in the world. He recently booked his trip to Brazil and did a thorough research on what attractions he wants to see. His itinerary is full, containing both nature sights as well as important buildings in the city. In order to reach all of these in one week, he has to combine multiple routes and means of transportation. However, he does not know where to book all of these and how to plan his trips in the most efficient way.

The Solution

TravlPackr is the perfect solution for all adventure seekers, who want to make the most out of their every trip. Travelers can choose their next destination and introduce the location in the TravlPackr app. The app will show them all the popular attractions the chosen place has to offer. Next step is selecting which attractions should be included in the itinerary and choosing the starting and ending point of the route. The app then creates a convenient map, suggesting which mean of transportation is best for reaching a certain point. Travelers also have the option to choose whether they want to save time or money, criteria used for creating their personalized route.

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