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Digital & Internet
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

- web design - SEO - marketing ...and of course: high motivation and love for the nature :-)

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The Challenge

Normally, the conservation of natural areas is done by the government of a country. However, the invested effort is not always enough. Local conservation organizations, composed of volunteers, carry out projects to support the environmental problems which are not tackled by governments. Unfortunately, often these projects lack sufficient funding, which results in not being as effective as wished. Another problem which is addressed is the need for a reliable website which is gathering information about outdoor activities which are taking place in the nature.

The Solution

This platform (website and app) will combine both, an outdoor search tool and the donation of a small fee for a conservation project. At the end of the outdoor sports high season, this platform will forward the money to the conservation organizations which are made of volunteers. The money will cover the expenses of the project and help to carry out the conservation activity in the natural park.

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