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The Challenge

The current problem that young people encounter when they have responsibilities the following day, however they still want to enjoy a fun evening. It also functions budget based, so it reduces irresponsible overspending. In addition, a time limit can be set, so a person can no longer order after the chosen time to end the night. Also, the problems encountered by bars/pubs, that the customer overdrinks, refuse to pay or misbehave in regards to the staff.

The Solution

The proposed application controls the number of drinks one is allowed to order, based on the preset desired level of intoxication and budget. All the orders are made through the application, so when the maximum target or budget is reached, the possibility of ordering is reduced. This also aims to solve the problems of overdrinking by strict application restrictions and it prevents the misbehaving, by reducing the interaction with the waiter/bartender. In addition, it guarantees the bill payment through the app.

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