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The Challenge

Soil is our rich source for all the process right from food(plants and animals) to fuel (coal, petroleum, gas, nuclear etc). A good understanding of our soil is very important for our sustainable development. There aren't enough studies to know the different composition and formation of soil and it's content. A good understanding of soil will help in farming, predicting water table, construction regulations and overall a healthy standard of living for all the people.

The Solution

We will develop a robot which can do soil spectrometry and analyze the soil content. This will help us to create a model of soil in a particular region with this model we analyze and predict what kind of activities are good to do in this soil with different in different time frames. Our model will pre-emptively predict the course of actions and it's outcomes and so that we can plan farming for few years construction for few years or what activities should be done to preserve soil and the water table or contents of the soil. This service can be sold to goverment agencies for passing regulations and corporates whether to establish a particular bussiness in a place or to get maximum possibilty from what they have. Hence, we propose soil care as a service.

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