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High Tech Systems & Materials


The Challenge

The bikes we use everyday run on a chain drive where mechanical power from pedalling is transmitted to the rear wheel (most of the bikes). But chains need high maintenance. They often slip from the cassette wheels or sprocket gears. They sometimes break too making us buy new chainlinks or chains altogether. This is not a very good transmission system as it also needs frequent lubrication because the chains easily tend to rust. Also, this transmission system changes from bike to bike making it more complex and expensive for repair or replacement of parts.

The Solution

The easiest solution to this problem is to shift from a chain drive to a power transmission system where there is no chain. This can be replaced by BikeLink - a chainless drive that transmits power from the pedal to the wheel. This is an existing idea which was even used back in the 1870s and 80s but is not active in the current market. It's mostly because of the cost of the system. My primary goal is to take this idea to a developmental stage of a sustainable, functional and affordable system which could be more active and available in the society and market. This idea is purely an observational solution for a problem everyone faces almost every day.