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Meet Mr. Tree beard
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Meet Mr. Tree beard

The Challenge

this concept addresses the sustainable development goals of protecting nature (primarily trees and forests) and creating a connection and awareness among people .

The Solution

One tree on campus will act as an ambassador for the trees on campus. It is an interactive tree that let people get closer to nature again. We see trees around us here everyday but do we really know what they are doing for us? And what would be lost if this tree would be cut down. The interactive tree will appear more human to the students on campus by showing the emotion of the tree; happy when the conditions are all great, sad when it’s too hot, too less water, etc. The heart beat will be calm when it’s happy and more stressed when the tree is not doing okay. This is all measured by sensors installed in the tree. Trees are able to make unique sounds. This also changes depending on how the tree is doing. Hearing these sounds will also make the tree appear more human. The screen will also connect the tree’s age to happenings in the history here, to let people relate to how old trees really are. It can also show the mini-ecosystem the tree holds to show its value. How will this help reach the goal? (life on land) When people feel more connected to nature, they will be more motivated to protect trees. Also it is possible to let people donate to organisations that plant trees. In the future: Extending it to other places on earth so you could connect the trees and show people what is happening to the trees around the world.

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