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Music & Band

The Challenge

Many people who play the instrument often do not have other partners or friends they play an instrument with. Otherwise they just have their own bands, or the same people they always jam with because they do not know other people. There are also many request on boards where people but request where they look for bass players or singers or piano players to join their group. So there need to be something where instrument players can come together.

The Solution

A specific app where musicians can meet each other by putting requests. People can see where you are so you are not somebody who lives too far. In this way, new people can meet each other and can jam temporarily with each other or perhaps create a band. People who are often alone cannot meet other people who play an instrument. If Tinder can get boys and girls together, than my app can get instrument players together. So in this app a bass player can meet up with a guitarist who plays a certain music style, they might also jam together via video call.

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