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The Challenge

Learning is hard for several different reasons for different types of students. Nonetheless certain key difficulties can be identified, that decrease the performance of students. Namely: Having the right content in time, but at the same time being overflooded with too much information of which not all is equally relevant. Also, students are often unaware of the real objective and may lose their focus or simply lack certain fundamental knowledge on their topics. These problems can lead to time pressure, stress and further to anxiety which can manifest in psychological and physical health issues. I want to bring students to help themselves to acquire the right science in time and keep it for their future life and careers.

The Solution

An application that assists students to process large amounts of unstructured information to basic learning principles and their own, complete learning ontology to further see how different topics relate to each other. Creating AI generated learning scenarios (AI trained on recognizing the summarized text and can tailor e.g. quizzes on the basis of filtered information) The knowledge can further be shared with other students and even tutor staff, to enable collaboration and hands on help. This can also be used to statistically find out with which topics or concepts students struggle the most to better understand their needs.

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