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Wastewater treatment
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GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Wastewater treatment

The Challenge

Good water quality is essential to human health, social and economic development, and the ecosystem. However, as populations grow and natural environments become degraded, ensuring there are sufficient and safe water supplies for everyone is becoming increasingly challenging. A major part of the solution is to produce less pollution and improve the way we manage wastewater. A more circular and therefore more sustainable economy requires us to value wastewater for its potential, rather than discard or ignore it. More than just an alternative source of water, safe wastewater management could help protect our ecosystems and give us energy, nutrients and other recoverable materials.

The Solution

One of the best solutions for factory effluent treatment is the photocatalytic treatment process.I was able to treat industrial plant effluents, such as paper mill effluents, using a photocatalyst synthesized from natural resources with a 68% efficiency. I hope that by optimizing these materials and cooperating with other groups, we will be able to use this method as an efficient method for industrial wastewater treatment.

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