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Meta Vest
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GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

Meta Vest

The Challenge

As time passes, technology advances further, and as we enter into the metaverse era, the medical system can benefit from that. Have you ever been ill but were too lazy to visit the doctor? Have you ever been ill but could not visit the doctor due to any circumstance? What would a disabled person do to get the treatment that they require? How much does the medical system have to pay each year so everyone can be treated on-site?

The Solution

Our idea to solve this great problem that faces society is to create a meta vest. The meta vest is our solution to the future. In simple words, it is a vest that allows you to be diagnosed from home. In more technical words, it is a vest that takes readings like your temperature, breathing rate, heart rate, the doctor would be even able to use it as a stethoscope and many other readings can be taken. The readings are automatically saved on an app that can be accessed by your doctor. The app can even be used as a daily checkup where your doctor puts in a range of expected/normal readings for your own body and if they are out of range the app automatically alarms your doctor. The app can also act as a database with your past medical history in case of a change of doctors or an emergency. Our idea helps mainly people who cannot travel to meet their doctor. For example, the disabled or the elderly who cannot travel due to lack of transportation can also be a case where a doctor with expertise in your case is out of the country. Our vest and app also help an athlete who wants to monitor their body signals throughout training. Furthermore, it also helps the medical system in lowering their spending and saves a lot of time. Most importantly, it frees up space for the people that need it most.

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