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First, I am looking for people who can program apps for iOS, since as of now I can only distribute my app to Android devices. Second of all, I am looking for people who can program in Flutter/Dart, as my application is entirely made with chatGPT and would definitely benefit from a human review to run optimally.

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Helping students learn and memorize Dutch vocabulary.


First, while the UT's Dutch courses are excellent, the new words learned in a lesson are not repeated in subsequent lectures, making it more difficult for students to recall the content of the initial lessons. Second, Duolinguo and other language apps do not help students memorize words; instead, they provide tedious exercises with weird sentences. UT students have the unmet need to quickly review and memorize Dutch vocabulary.


My solution is FLASH DUTCH, an app that helps students review and memorize the meanings of Dutch words ranging from level A0 to B1. The app includes over 200 quizlets in which students must choose the correct translation of words from four options. Additionally, users have the option to work on irregular verbs in a similar manner.

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