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Eden Advanced Technologies

The challenge

The population of the world is expected to grow to 10 billion people in 2050. This will cause an increase in food demand of at least 70%. Already now, however, there is a shortage of farmland worldwide. Therefore, there is an urgent demand for innovations able to drastically increase in food production will lead to an increase in water and pesticide usage. This however, will pose a problem, as there is a worldwide shortage of water that will only increase over the years, even given the most optimistic scenario. Furthermore, the use of pesticides have been proven to be harmful for people's health. For the reasons, there is a dire need for innovation in agriculture that is able to produce food where the yield is better as compared to traditional methods, the water consumption is drastically reduced and no pesticides are used.

The solution

Eden Advanced Technologies is established specifically to help solve this problem. We are building a farming module in which anyone can grow their own food. The module is designed such that it enables a large increase in yield, while simultaneously reducing the water consumption and eliminating the usage of pesticides.

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